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Kyle L. Vachon: Liking a band is no reason to be on FBI list

To the editor:

The Federal Bureau of Investigations, in their infinite wisdom managed to place fans of a music group of the Insane Clown Posse on a gang list. This is the first time in history that something like this has taken place.

I am what the fan base calls a Juggalo. I listen to the music and I have their record label symbol (hatchetman) tattooed on my right forearm. The Conway Police Department, could at any time put me under the gang list the FBI has initiated.

Now, I have done my part to let everyone know that in no way, shape or form am I in fact, a gang member. I have sent this letter and a few others to newspapers. There's more to come.

I am starting a movement; we will be organized and ready to show the world that the accusations made by the FBI will not be tolerated. I do not want to be brought in and put under a gang list, without good reasoning.

Listening to a certain brand of music, in the eyes of the notorious FBI is not OK. If you listened to a certain brand of music, and you were put under some list, any list for that matter that could harm your reputation, you would put up a fight. I am urging you to stand by me as I do the same. Who knows, maybe the music you listen to will turn you into a false stereotype.

Kyle L. Vachon
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