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Mike Trabulsie: Consider a more factual source than Times

To the editor:

Truth In Journalism.

Immediately following the attacks on the U.S. Consulate in Libya, three New York Times articles were placed on page 2 of The Conway Daily Sun.

Each New York Times article stated that those attacks were a result of a Youtube video. At the same time, Fox News widely reported that the attacks were not a result of the video, but rather a detailed, well-planned, well-coordinated, terrorist attack.  Fox news got it right while The New York Times got it wrong!   

The New York Times got it wrong because of shabby journalism and/or they failed to accurately report it for political reasons; most likely in order to support and protect President Obama.  News reporting should be about the facts!

Please consider a more factual source for your world news (maybe Fox News).  Printing this sort of biased, factually incorrect, incomplete, shabby journalism does a disservice to your fine paper, the community it serves, and our country.

Mike Trabulsie

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