Margaret Merritt: Vote for Shea-Porter, Hassan, Clinton

To the editor:

My husband and I live in New Hampshire because we treasure its clean air and water, as well as its beautiful scenery.  In November, I will vote to send champions for the environment to represent me in Washington.

The League of Conservation Voters has endorsed Carol Shea-Porter for Representative to Congress, NH District 1 — “a proven champion for the environment and protecting our air, land, water and wildlife.”  

During her three terms in the U.S. House, Shea-Porter earned a 96 percent lifetime score from the LCV in contrast to the 10 percent score for her opponent, Frank Guinta.

Neither Guinta nor Donald Trump acknowledges the reality of climate change. LCV’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton for president points out her environmental leadership both in the U.S. Senate and as Secretary of State.

Similarly here in the Granite State, Gov. Maggie Hassan has a long record of working for the environment including the establishment of a New Hampshire Energy Strategy that focuses on clean, renewable energy and combating climate change. Hassan has promised to work in the U.S. Senate to achieve a cleaner environment and stronger energy future for all citizens and businesses.

Please join me in protecting our environment by voting for Carol Shea-Porter, Maggie Hassan, and Hillary Clinton in November.

Margaret Merritt

Center Sandwich

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Sedge Saunders: Don’t think you have to vote for the lesser of two evils

To the editor:

Are you scratching your head after the debate, wondering why there aren’t more choices for the millions of people who will vote this November? Are you tired of the demagogues, and their ideological, pathological and authoritarian rhetoric?

If so, there are other options. You wouldn’t know it thanks to the political and media elites, but you will be able to vote your conscience come November.

I encourage everybody to broaden their horizons, and look at these other options. Don’t be frightened into thinking you have to vote for the lesser of two evils. It doesn’t have to be this way. I invite everyone to spend five minutes researching Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, the Libertarian candidates for president and vice president.

Johnson and Weld have a proven track record. They have shown they can unite both sides. As Republican governors, they were re-elected in Democratic states by huge margins. In a nutshell, this is what they stand for:  

• Non-interventionist foreign policy. In other words, we need to stop meddling in other countries’ affairs. This policy of regime change is not working, and it’s time to try something else.

• Fix the insane drug laws. Can we really afford to incarcerate all these nonviolent offenders? If you believe that “Black Lives Matter,”  then you will look at Johnson’s policy of decriminalizing marijuana, which will hopefully stop the arrests of young black males at a ridiculously disproportionate rate compared to white males.

• Sensible immigration reform. We are not building a wall, and Mexico isn’t paying for it. Gary Johnson was governor of a border state. He understands the dynamics of the situation.

• Level the playing field by ending crony capitalism. The huge income gap we have is a result of the rigged game Washington is playing, especially the business and political elites.

This is just a sampling of what Johnson and Weld stand for.

These are two highly successful governors who not just talked the talk but walked the walk. Why did thousands of people move to New Mexico when Johnson was governor? Because there were more high paying jobs than anywhere else in the Southwest.

I once again encourage everyone to look at all the options out there. Don’t be duped by the political, corporate and media elites. We all deserve better.

Sedge Saunders

Fryeburg, Maine

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Jim Hrdlcka: Upside down or rightside up? You get to decide Nov. 8

To the editor:

Upside down or rightside up? You get to decide on Nov. 8.

The world is in turmoil whil Prsident Barack Obama is out on the campaign trail. North Korea continues its nuclear weapons testing. Iran threatens to shoot down American aircraft. China continues to build islands in the China Sea. Russia continues its dangerous presence in Iran and Syria. ISIS is on the “doorstep” of Israel. Illegal aliens and their drugs continue to flow over our southern border. How do you spell “failed foreign policy?” With an “O” perhaps?

Here at home, the unrest continues. We’re confused about marriage, sexuality, baby killing, Islamic terrorism and which lives matter. The left wing machine continues to roll over our First Amendment liberties. Hillary leads this machine on her jet-black horse with cutting eyes. How do you spell “deplorable”? With an “H” perhaps?

Upside down or rightside up? Progressive judges or conservative judges? Political correctness or free speech? Corruption or truth? You get to decide on Nov. 8. Be there — or be square!

Jim Hrdlcka



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Roger Dunn: Shea-Porter the leader we need to combat opioid crisis

To the editor:

I’m supporting Carol Shea-Porter for Congress because she is the principled, seasoned leader we need to combat the opioid crisis.  

She is tough on crime and will advance legislation to go after drug traffickers. Her career in social services makes her an expert in promoting treatment and prevention of addiction.  

 And while in Congress, she worked tirelessly on bills to help states like ours deal with this epidemic.

In contrast, Frank Guinta’s attempts in the 114th Congress have been a sham.

You need look no further than his “Stop Meth Labs and Enhance Patient Access Act of 2015” bill (HR 3968).   First, it does nothing to stop meth labs.  Second, it fails to even mention enhancing patient access!

This bill is a snappy title with no substance, designed to hoodwink constituents into believing that some good is being done.  

In addition, when he had a chance as a budget committee member, he voted against increasing funding for the opioid crisis. Shame on you, Mr. Guinta, for failing to act at a time when Granite Staters are looking for real solutions to the opioid crisis.  Your one-page bill says nothing, and that says it all with regard to how much you actually care about this issue.

Please join me in voting for Carol Shea-Porter on Nov. 8, and let your vote make a difference in combating the opioid crisis in our state.  

She has the experience we need, has always had our back, and will be our voice in Washington.

Roger Dunn


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Robert E. Ricks: Please take back our Republic and vote

To the editor:

I witnessed something spectacular the other night at the Fryebrug selectmen’s meeting. Supporters for all candidates showed and voiced a powerful opinion calling for an election as soon as possible. Some well-spoken arguments were heard, and I appreciated everyone’s observations and opinions.

Just as remarkable was the resolve of Rick Eastman and Janice Crawford to stick by their decision. As someone whose job involved making difficult decisions, I respect the daylights out of that. They understood that this decision was going to be unpopular, but in their collective conscience it was the best option available. It takes guts to make a decision like that, knowing that people will be muttering their names in vain.

To my very bone marrow, I am a soldier. Even though I’m in retirement, the Army can call me back until I am 62 years old. They can put a uniform on me and order me “into the breach” of certain death in order to uphold and protect this republic. I am sworn by oath. It is the will of the people through elected representation that sends me and others like me to war.

Whenever you hear on the news about some American action overseas, understand that someone volunteered to be a part of that action, for good or bad. The decision to put that servicemember in harm’s way was just as much your decision as it was that of the elected official who ordered them to that action.

The fact that you voted for or against that official — or worse yet, not voted at all — is completely and totally irrelevant.

Since 1968, when Nixon stopped the draft, the voters of this country stopped giving a damn about what their elected officials were doing with the “blood and treasure” of this nation.

After a while, people stopped giving a damn about anything elected officials did. We slowly resigned ourselves to apathy, and, ultimately, the Nixons of the world won.

Last night, I witnessed a small sample of the American spirit that Nixon temporarily defeated. There is hope that he didn’t completely win. There is hope that people will remember that they have a choice and a vote.

It is also the will of the people to elect representatives to make tough decisions, decisions that the people won’t like or understand sometimes. That is our system. It’s not perfect, and the Nixons who seek power for the sake of power will exploit that.

To honor all veterans who’ve sacrificed, I ask the people to flip the collective “Nixons” the bird and go out and make your voice heard. Please, I beg you, with all the scar tissue I bear; with the hell that my family has had to endure: Take back our republic and vote!

Robert E. Ricks, III

Major, United States Army (retired)

Fryeburg, Maine

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