Eugene M. Long Jr. and John M. Hartman: Vote to cut school budget at annual meeting

To the editor:

Thank you very much to those members of the Conway Municipal Budget Committee who voted against a three-year school contract and the proposed school budget.

The sending towns are suffering under onerous 20-year school contracts, which have inadequate provisions for long-term changes such as decreased student enrollment, increasing administrative staffs and salaries and no control over wasteful spending of taxpayers’ money, such as maintaining an elementary school building that needs to be closed.

Not to mention the school bonds, for which the sending towns have no vote but bear the same tax burden that Conway does.

We are particularly thankful to Steve Steiner for proposing a 13 percent reduction in the school budget and Jim Lefebvre for seconding it.

Mr. Steiner knows full well that keeping more money in the pockets of taxpayers will be money much better spent for their family needs in these hard times.

Like families and businesses have to do, he defined an amount to be cut and then went on to clearly define the major areas that need to be cut: “We can do this by closing an elementary school, by increasing class sizes and reducing staffing and some administration.”

We highly recommend the silent majority (read taxpayers) show up for the deliberative portion of the annual Conway School District Meeting on March 8 at 7 p.m. in the Loynd Auditorium and vote for school cuts at the town and school meeting April 11.

Eugene M. Long Jr. MD

John M. Hartman, BSEE, MBA


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Margaret Merritt: Making voting difficult will weaken our democracy

To the editor:

Voting provides me with a sense of participation in the democratic process and a bond to my community.  The current efforts around the country, including here in the Granite State, to make voting more difficult will weaken our democracy.

In November 2016, seven states, including New Hampshire, with the highest voter turnout, allowed registration on election day. I applaud efforts to improve rather than restrict voting access, such as automatic voter registration, AVT.

Six states and the District of Columbia have AVT, with 22 states — but not New Hampshire — now considering bills to implement or expand automatic registration. Under this plan, when a citizen interacts with a government agency — for example, gets a driver’s license — she is automatically registered to vote unless she declines. These agencies transfer the voter registration information electronically to election officials. AVT creates a process that is more convenient and less error-prone for both voters and government officials. AVT also boosts registration rates while reducing the potential for voter fraud and lowering costs.  

Right now, the New Hampshire House and Senate are considering nearly 40 bills dealing with voter registration and elections, most of which will make voting more difficult: These include SB 106 that adds a 13-day residency requirement for voters — a change not likely to increase the percentage of citizens voting. The right to vote is the foundation of our democracy, and we should be doing all we can to strengthen this right, not weaken it.

Margaret Merritt

Center Sandwich

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Eleanor Stokes: Attend delegation meeting to support farm

To the editor:

A recent editorial in The Carroll County Independent had the headline “The Delegation is determined to kill the farm,” which I believe is most accurate.

We have heard of meetings, surveys and reports, all efforts to show the viability of the farm, but we have seen the Delegation resistant to any positive suggestions.

The members seem to have made up their minds to defund the farm.

A farm with nearly 900 acres is a priceless jewel and should be used for the benefit of the residents of this county.

Once it is gone we will live with regrets forever.

In Hooksett, the community recently came together to support the LaValley Farm with $7,000. It was the second time this year the community had come together to help out the farm. I believe this shows how they feel about farming.

The Delegation will be meeting to vote on the yearly budget on Monday, Feb. 27, at 9 a.m. at the Carroll County Administration Building, at 95 Water Village Road, in Ossipee — across the street from the courthouse and close to Mountain View Nursing Home.

We all need to be there to support the farm.

Eleanor Stokes


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Dan Bianchino: Concerning genders and the uniqueness of everyone

To the editor:

Concerning genders

and whatever

And so they are

Feelings that’s the name

And so it is

Feelings just the same

So who, are we!

To say there couldn’t be

Others with the same

As you and me

Touching, an experience –

Some call it so by love

An intercourse of feelings

I truly think it of

Sharing with another

This you that’s truly real

Bringing two together

As one inside must feel

Forget the pains of guilt

Being someone you are not

the answer lies in feelings

Each one by choice had not

For all are truly special

Unique in their own way

So let there live this feeling

Just be yourself today.

Touch and feel was said

There inside of you

Discover then explore those feelings

Waiting to come through

All you need is someone

To bring those feelings round

Then listen for yourself

Inside they’re to be found.

Touch and feel the whisper

Of thoughts arousing fast

In the center of your heart that knows

Could time alone be past

Feel the life that flows

Beneath the surface strive

Then you will come around

To touch and feel alive!

Your fragrance bends the wind

That bends the tree

And spreads itself like winter Rye

Beneath a field of snow

You touch and bring to life

As the early spring attests

When once again, your fragrance

Bends the wind that bends the tree.

From “Another You, Another Me” (online at

Dan Bianchino

North Conway

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