Walter Davis: We should help proven recovery program

To the editor:

The following things are faith-based: the Pledge of Allegiance; the National Anthem; Congress, which has official pastors; Alcoholics Anonymous — the 12 steps have religious overtones; and others.

Yes, White Horse Addiction Center is a faith-based program, based on a successful similar program in Georgia. But it is more successful in stopping addicts from continuing their deadly spiral than any other program in the county.  

Yes, they do espouse religious beliefs, but no way are they forced down people’s throats.

White Horse shows that there is someone or something that cares about you and gives you hope, two things that are not included in many other programs. Already, hundreds of people have been helped by White Horse but there is a great need for more help.

A few years ago at a Conway town meeting, it was said that there was no drug problem in the area.

I knew of drugs being sold in my high school back in 1974. And now it is much, much worse.

Children of officials in town have been caught red-handed with drugs. Read the Sun’s court news each week and you will find many people in court for having or dealing drugs. Others break into houses and cars (I am sure you know someone affected) to buy drugs.

People die from using drugs here in the valley.

We should help any proven program, such as White Horse, to help addicts become former addicts. I know that I support White Horse Addiction Center and any other successful program that will help those in need and keep others, including my grandkids, from becoming addicted, faith-based or not.

(A caveat, the director of White Horse is my brother-in-law but I have seen the good that is happening there, and if you look into it, you will, too.)

Walter Davis

North Conway

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Judy Kennedy: Where does Ayotte stand on voter fraud?

To the editor:

In response to Erik Eisele’s excellent column last week on Trump’s claim of voter fraud in New Hampshire and the dire ramifications this might have for the reputation and integrity of our state: Don’t you think that some journalist should ask former Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s view on this issue, or have they and I missed it?  

Does she or doesn’t she believe his claim to be true?  

No waffling or “alternative facts” now — just a “yes” or “no,” so we clearly know where she stands.

Judy Kennedy


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Art Micallef: Trump tax plan will add more taxes for me

To the editor:

The crux of President Donald Trump’s tax plan is to cut taxes primarily for corporations and the richest individuals and pay for it by imposing a “border tax” on the goods you and I buy every day.  

From my perspective, that’s not making America great again for me!

If you agree, call the White House Comment Line at (202) 456-1111 and register your dissatisfaction.

Art Micallef


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