Ann M. Haralambie: Iran payment was not ransom, but leverage

To the editor:

Politicians and pundits are deliberately mischaracterizing as “ransom” the government’s payment to Iran, which was withheld until the detained Americans were freed.

A ransom is when I give you my money for you to return what is mine. Leverage is withholding your money, which a court said I had to give you back, until after you have returned what is mine.

The money in question was paid by the Shah for weapons, which were never delivered because the Shah was deposed.

The money always belonged to Iran (the same as if you purchased something at a store which was never delivered — you would be entitled to get your money back. If the store kept it, you’d call it theft).

It is not the same thing as ransom at all, and paying it sets no precedent or incentive for hostage takers or foreign governments.  

It is interesting that in discussing the nuclear treaty, Republicans criticized the Obama administration for not including a precondition that the hostages be freed.

Now that the State Department was able to leverage the payment owed to Iran by delaying it until the hostages were free,  they are criticizing it.

But, then, hypocrisy and inconsistency seem to be commonplace this election cycle.

Ann M. Haralambie, attorney

Silver Lake

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Peter J. Thomas: Americans at risk because of Iran payment

To the editor:

 The $400 million cash payment to Iran for the release of Americans can be called ransom or leverage, but it amounts to the same thing.

President Obama gave money to a state sponsor of terrorism and encouraged them to seize and hold more Americans so as to get still more in return.

Americans will be at risk as long as Iran knows it will be rewarded for arresting and holding them on trumped-up charges.

Americans will be at risk as long as Iran has a well-funded terrorist program.

This must not happen again.

Peter J. Thomas

Silver Lake

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Danielle Lynn: Vote for Donald Trump or do not vote for a president

To the editor:

Vote Trump or do not vote.

Donald Trump spoke about securing our borders four years ago.  You are out of your mind if you don’t vote Trump, especially based on the downward spiral the economy is facing right now.

As it stands we’ve already been deprived common laws, freedom, liberty and justice, and it’s disintegrating rapidly behind closed doors.

Based on dilatory action — saying it’s injudicious to secure the borders — our government is now compelled to shield our country by having to spend frivolously. Don’t tell me they didn’t know about all of this or, if they did, I have to say they’re very ignorant.

The last thing this world needs is Hillary Clinton, another demon in the White House, causing more damage. If you are not in on the rapid downward spiral for our country that was once great, then do yourself a favor and do not vote for Hillary Clinton. Don’t be the difference that destroys the United States.

Trump comes across real, straight up. He knows his plan and is going to make America great again. As far as this sick twisted distorted government is concerned, do not be naive by allowing “them” to fool you. You don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. Let me give you a hint, you vote for Hillary or keep Obama in the White House, consider: no peace. Be prepared for: a “new world order,” complete control of you and all of your funds, no liberty and no freedom of choice whatsoever.

I love my children and am in terror of what the future for them would be like. This is why I’ve decided to publicize what I know is true. Thank you for your time to read.

Danielle Lynn


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Rep. Frank McCarthy: Candidate Freudenberg admits he wouldn’t run office

To the editor:

It seems that former County Sheriff Chris Conley, as he did when he was our county sheriff, continues to have a great deal of trouble discerning truth from fiction.  

In his letter to The Conway Daily Sun, published Aug. 18, he states, when everyone else is deeply concerned with the opioid epidemic, Rep. Frank McCarthy is “running the four corners of the county talking about the great change in issuing veteran motorcycle license plates.”

He then says, “You got to be kidding me!”

No, Mr. Conley, you are kidding yourself with the thought that the citizens of the county would swallow such trash.

Perhaps Conley doesn’t understand that I represent Carroll District 2, Conway, Hale’s Location, Eaton and Chatham, and not the four corners of Carroll County.

I am proud to be a member of the legislative State Federal Relations/Veterans Affairs standing committee and, for the past 17 of 20 years, the commander of the North Conway American Legion, Post 95. Yes, I do inform the Legion members of bills that are relative to veterans.

I am also the chairman of the Mount Washington Valley Republican Committee, and I make every attempt to keep the committee members informed and up to date relative to what is happening in Concord.

Conley’s statement, as printed, is pure, nonsensical hogwash.

Allow me to explain why Conley chose to attack me in a letter written to show support for Luke Freudenberg for county sheriff.

Conley is fully aware that I have often commented relative to Sheriff Dominic Richardi’s professionalism and outstanding work as our high sheriff.

During my many years of military service, I worked my way up through the ranks in the Marine Corps from a 17-year-old private to the field grade rank of major, including the warrant officer grades and, believe me, I know leadership when I see it.

Richardi is, in my opinion, far, far superior in professionalism and performance of duty than Conley ever hoped to be during his tenure as sheriff!

Freudenberg recently stated at a Mount Washington Valley Republican Committee meeting that he has absolutely no law enforcement experience or training. However, if elected, he will immediately enroll himself in the New Hampshire Police Academy.

That’s fine, with the following exception: Freudenberg also stated that he would immediately hire two additional individuals to run the sheriff’s department while he attends the academy and, subsequent to that, concentrates on the opioid problem.

Keep in mind, according to Freudenberg himself, a vote for him is actually a vote for two other individuals to run the sheriff’s department.

Again, according to Freudenberg, one individual he is planning to hire to run the everyday operations of the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department is the previous unsuccessful challenger to Sheriff Richardi, Sean Coop. And, although Mr. Freudenberg refused to name the second individual, you guessed it … I’m told by a reliable source, the second individual is none other than former sheriff Chris Conley.

Please, re-elect the professional Sheriff we currently have in Sheriff Dominic Richardi. Do not allow us to go back to the taxpayers paying Conley’s dry cleaning bills.

Rep. Frank McCarthy

Carroll District 2


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Ray Mitchell: Confused about point of column on slavery

To the editor:

In reading Tom McLaughlin’s Aug. 11 column titled “Don’t know much about history,” I was left more than a little confused.

McLaughlin is absolutely correct in his assertion that slavery has been practiced far and wide throughout world history and that it was certainly not a “uniquely American institution.”

If the point of the column was to identify a deficit in our educational curricula, I fear he may have a point.  However, if the point of his column was to rationalize and minimize the effects our practice of slavery has had on America then he is, at best, ill-informed.

Ray Mitchell


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