Jim McEwan: Wildlife encounters are worth millions to the valley

To the editor:
The buses had stopped just past the covered bridge in Jackson, and 60 older people were in groups of 15 — or 10 or 20 — all looking across the estate to the woods toward the river.
It was the bear and cubs they really wanted to see. Not the leaves or the mountains, just a glimpse of this creature that had been here for millions of years.
Their eight-hour ride was worth it in one minute. That bear and four cubs were the best attraction the valley has had in years and worth millions to the valley.
I have had many encounters with bears and other animals, usually from inside my glass house. There is no food around my house, but the mother bear would come by every week or so and sit on the rock on my level and let the cubs climb on my woodpile and play with my tools. We had a solid respect for each other. I’m still angry at the person who calls himself a hunter — for killing her!
We elbow species off the planet. We deny room to entire groups of animals that need the wild.
Teach the children to enhance nature. Prepare them for a warmer climate and look at the possibility of new crops in existing land.
The way we’re going, we may eliminate every competitor for living space on the crowded Earth. And when the animals are gone, we will be the masters of all creation. We shall look around and we shall see nothing but each other, riding in the bus, but seeing nothing.
Jim McEwan

Ted M. Kramer: Sen. Kelly Ayotte a leader on issue that affects us all

To the editor:            There are not enough issues that bring Republicans and Democrats together. But fortunately for us in New Hampshire, we have a Senator that seeks those issues out. Sen. Kelly Ayotte has been a leading voice for bipartisan solutions in the Senate and there is a particular issue relevant this week where she has sought common ground: the environment.
So, as we recognize Earth Day, I want to thank Sen. Ayotte for her commitment to the people of New Hampshire by prioritizing our environment over politics. Too many of our politicians are at the mercy of their party leaders or special interests, but Sen. Ayotte is different. She broke with her party to support the Clean Power Plan to help protect New Hampshire from out-of-state polluters and worked across the aisle to renew the Land and Water Conservation Fund.
Instead of getting bogged down in the political weeds, Sen. Ayotte chose to be a leader on an issue that affects every single one of us. As you do something fun to celebrate Earth Day, make sure to also thank our senator, Kelly Ayotte, for the hard work she puts in so we can continue to enjoy our beautiful state.
Ted M. Kramer

Erik Corbett: Reps who don’t show up should resign

To the editor:
For months Sen. Kelly Ayotte has neglected part of her job as one of New Hampshire’s U.S. senators and refused to call for a vote on a Supreme Court nominee.
She claims that New Hampshire voters should have a say in the nominee. She seems to forget that we did have a say. In 2012, New Hampshire voted for President Barack Obama, knowing full well that he would appoint a nominee for any Supreme Court openings. Apparently she feels Donald Trump has better judgement than the current president.
Now it seems that the example she’s set in Washington by not showing up to work is spreading to local GOP leaders. The Concord Monitor recently reported on attendance records of state representatives and three of the four named were members of the Grand Old Party. Of local note, Rep. Lino Avellani of Sanbornville, who is also the Carroll County Republican Committee Chairman, hasn’t attended a single meeting of the Labor Committee this year.
I have no doubt that serving in the N.H. House can be a challenging position to be in and perhaps this is a symptom of a systematic problem with our volunteer Legislature.
Rep. Avellani and the others cited knew what they were signing up for though, and if he cannot even show up for work then he owes it to his constituents to resign so that the voters of Wakefield, Ossipee and Effingham may have effective representation in Concord.
Erik Corbett

Tim “Zeke” Marcoux: The USA doesn’t need a racist bigot as president

To the editor:
Trump should taste his words before he spits them out at people.
The USA doesn’t need a racist bigot as president.
Like Humpty Dumpty had trouble witha a wall, so will Trump. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men can’t put the Republican party back together again.
Tim “Zeke” Marcoux

Michael E. Mann: McLaughlin misleads on climate change

To the editor:

An individual named Tom McLaughlin did a tremendous disservice to your readership by spreading falsehoods about the topic of human-caused climate change, and about my scientific work specifically, in his misguided recent commentary (“Campus craziness” published April 28).