Mark Hounsell: Sen. Sanders has been a socialist for years

To the editor:
Bernie Sanders throughout his political career has been a self-declared socialist.  His jarring entrance into the Democratic party was destined to be disruptive. The problem is that many of Bernie Sanders supporters, like the candidate himself, are not Democrats - they are socialists.  Socialists are a hair’s breadth away from being communists. It is humorous that people in the party are shocked by the actions of his campaign — what did they expect?”
Mark Hounsell

Bob Wassall: Show proof of man-made climate change

To the editor:
I would like to add my two cents worth to support Tom McLaughlin in the professor Mann controversy.
I am not a denier, I’m a realist with regard to global warming.  I do not deny that our world appears to be warming but one very important question is never asked, and that is, “How much of the warming can be attributed to man and how much to natural causes?” If there is an answer to that question (based on quanitative data), I’ve never seen it!
As for Prof Mann’s credentials, I personally am not impressed with academic degrees from prestigious universities and impressive sounding awards and recognition.  The scientific community tends to be a “Good Old Boy” society finding solace in supporting popular theories and fellow scientists.  Many depend upon grants and other doles to support their work.  Why should they challenge a popular theory if it may jeopardize their funding?
Just for the record, I graduated from Prof Mann’s University, Penn State, in 1952 with a degree in Meteorology. Matter of fact, as the honor graduate in my school, I accepted the diploma for my school from College President Milton Eisenhower at  graduation. Oh yes, I did earn a masters degree from MIT some years later.  But I’ve  tried never to lose track of reality. Before forming an opinion about global  warming, ask THAT question: “How much is because of man?” And show me the proof!
Bob Wassall
Venice Fl

Philip Franklin: Updated Bartlett Master Plan completed

To the editor:
I am pleased to announce that the Bartlett Planning Board has approved the updated master plan for the town of Bartlett.
It can be accessed on the town of Bartlett website, planning board page.  
Work on the most recent updates started in 2015, under the leadership of David Publicover, chairman of the Bartlett Planning Board at that time.  
With the March 2016 change in leadership of the board, David passed the responsibility to me to work with the planning board and bring the plan down the home stretch.
Over the past year, Bartlett residents provided many ideas for revisions to the master plan.  
Sections of the plan were also updated by their respective town department heads.  Members of the planning board thoroughly discussed all of the new ideas as well as the ideas generated by board members.  
We feel that the resulting plan continues to serve as a strong guidepost for future development in Bartlett and supports the plan’s vision, which states that we look to maintain “the physical and cultural characteristics of a small New England town.”  
Admittedly, some compromise and merging of thoughts was necessary to achieve our final document but it is important for all Bartlett residents to know the significance of their contributions to the plan.
On behalf of the Bartlett Planning Board, I would like to express my appreciation to David Publicover for reviving the effort to update the plan and for his tremendous contributions to the plan.
I would also like to recognize the various town department heads for their plan updates. Appreciation is also extended to the members of the Bartlett Planning Board for their work in discussing ideas and for their cooperative spirit in working through the plan updates. Finally, I would like to extend a special note of appreciation to the many Bartlett residents who took the time to read the plan drafts, provide input and take an active role in the future of their community.
Philip Franklin
Bartlett Planning Board

Laura Slitt: Bernie Sanders’ record is transparent, accomplished

To the editor:
Why I support Bernie Sanders, the man of peace:
Hillary Clinton has stated that being president is about “hard choices.” She’s right, but most of her hard choices, by her own admission, have been wrong.
Hillary was opposed to gay marriage as late as 2013. She has since “evolved” on the issue. Bernie, as mayor of Burlington in 1985, set aside a day to be known as “Gay Pride Day.”
She aggressively promoted fracking while she was secretary of state. She supported the Keystone XL Pipeline until the polls indicated she needed to change her position. She pushed for TPP and referred to it as “the Gold Standard” many times. Sanders has always opposed all of the above. If passed, it would gut U.S. sovereignty over our own laws and give full legal power to global corporations.
She supports the death penalty and private, for-profit, prisons. She is against free college education.
Hillary has received millions from Wall Street. Hillary’s top contributors: Morgan Stanley, $636,564; Lehman Brothers $362,853; J.P. Morgan Chase $696,456; Goldman Sachs, $760,740; Credit Suisse, $318,120; and Citigroup, $824,402. Bernie’s top donors are labor unions, teacher unions and nursing unions, and he has received over 4 million individual contributions averaging $28.
Hillary was a supporter of the Iraq War. She has since said that choice was wrong. Bernie had the foresight and good judgment to oppose the war, repeatedly called out President Bush for his deliberate misinformation and accurately predicted the catastrophic outcome. He has stated that he will, absolutely, defend the United States but that war should always be the last option.
Hillary is against bringing back Glass Steagall Act, the repeal of which contributed to the greatest recession since 1929. Bernie wants to bring back this essential legislation.
Hillary participated in Republican campaigns for years. Bernie has always been an independent and has always caucused with Democrats.
Bernie Sanders marched with Martin Luther King Jr. and was arrested for protesting segregation. Hillary Clinton campaigned for Barry Goldwater, who opposed the Supreme Court’s power to enforce school integration, voted in the Senate against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and whose campaign platform included his promise to repeal the legislation. The Clintons also celebrated “Confederate Flag Day” every year when Bill was governor of Arkansas.
Hillary is against a $15 minimum wage. Ever since he became a United States senator, Bernie has made it one of his top goals to get workers a $15 minimum wage.
Hillary wants to “loosen” marijuana penalties. Bernie wants to completely abolish the federal prohibition of marijuana. Bernie’s health care plan is predicted to save each American more than $1,200 in insurance and pharmaceutical drug costs. Hillary opposes single-payer health care and has received millions of dollars in contributions from pharmaceutical and health insurance companies.
Bernie received the highest VFW award in his fight for veterans’ rights and services. Hillary Clinton has a documented history of being a warmongering hawk and, as president, would pursue the failed policy of endless war.
Bernie has over 30 years of experience fighting for working Americans and is an honest and authentic candidate. Hillary … not so much.
When you are president, you don’t get a second chance. Fatal decisions send young American soldiers to war and often, disastrously, effect the course of events and destabilize the world.
Ours is not a “hard choice” at all. We have Bernie Sanders — the leader who has made the right choices throughout his career. The choice is between a corporate-sponsored and controlled candidate who will say and do anything that she believes will get her elected, and an honest, compassionate and highly ethical man of consistent, unassailable integrity?
Bernie has fought for the middle class, labor, women, gay people, civil rights and veterans his entire political career. He has demonstrated a profound, consistent and rare moral conviction to do what is right by the people he represents rather than corporations.
No super PACs, no secret donors writing checks for tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars, no private jets … just a sincere conviction to do what is right for the American people and the world.
Bernie’s record is transparent and accomplished. He has NO blood on his hands. Hillary takes money from the worst dictators around the globe, from Saudi Arabia, Oman, Algeria, Qatar and others. Check out the book, “Clinton Cash.”
The party has impaled itself and Sen. Sanders knows it, as do his supporters in every state and every nation.
Bernie or bust! The two-party system is choking itself as it remains suffocating in the old, refusing to breathe new air.
Laura Slitt

Michael Callis: Running to bring new ideas to the table

To the editor:

I, Michael Callis, am running for United States representative in the First Congressional district.

I run for office to bring new ideas to the table or, in the case of my running for president, to warn of manipulated intelligence.

People do not remember that far back so I don’t get points for being right.

The idea this time is a wall with Mexico that serves the utilitarian purpose of producing electricity.

It would be a massive dig-ready project for solar companies to bid on for building factories to turn the sand into solar chips and generate electricity for a profit. Not to mention jobs.

The wall is a secondary result that is overcome by directing people to a portal for entry and exit.

This is not a prison wall but an opportunity to advance solar production and technology.

The president can go before Congress and request the money for five postage stamps for mailing proposals to the major solar companies. On second thought, the postage is free for the government.

It would offer the added security of being able to survive an earthquake and still produce electricity.

You might ask if I am qualified to replace our current tainted Congressman Frank Guinta.

My answer:

When I received a request from the city of Nashua for an emergency repair of a collapsed granite block wall, I responded right away.

The wall collapse left a gaping void under a concrete pad intersected with live gas lines at the base of a five-story tenement building.

I devised a method of repair so that there were no vibrations to cause further damage.

While I was doing this, Frank Guinta was selling insurance in New Jersey.

When I was repairing the Glen Ellis Waterfall trail collapse under emergency contract from the Federal Park Service, Guinta was selling himself into being the mayor of Manchester.

The trail was restored in the mountains while the city bond rating slid under Guinta, causing higher taxes.

When I was restoring the Tip Top House on the summit of Mount Washington under emergency contract for the state of New Hampshire under extreme conditions, Guinta was lying his way into Congress.

Yes, I believe I am qualified to serve the interests of the people of New Hampshire —  including you.

Michael “Stonewall” Callis