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Gibson/Woodbury Charitable Foundation Reaches Milestone

The private Gibson/Woodbury Charitable Foundation (GWCF) is pleased to announce that it has provided over $1 million in grants to area non-profits and municipalities in its first 3 1/2 years of operation ending on June 30th, 2014. As chairman of the board and executive director of the foundation, along with my co-trustee, Mr. Ken Cargill of Cooper, Cargill & Chant Attorneys, our respected advisor, Mr. Thomas Smith, as well as our able financial advisor, Mr. George Fredette of First Allied Securities and our accountant, Mr. Dave Caputo of Gamwell, Caputo, & Co., I am proud to say that together we have consistently and successfully carried out the wishes and ideals of the foundation’s generous and forward-thinking founders. It is with the deepest respect and admiration for the Gibsons and the Woodburys that I announce this significant milestone.

The purpose of this private foundation is to enhance the vitality and wellness of all Mount Washington Valley residents and its environs through charitable giving to established 501c3 non-profit organizations. The GWCF welcomes grant requests from all non-profit organizations serving the Mount Washington Valley in Carroll County, as well as in the Maine towns of Fryeburg, Lovell, Denmark, Sweden and Brownfield.  

I would also like to announce that the Gibson/Woodbury Charitable Foundation has decided to make a grant to the building fund for the new, recently-approved North Conway Community Center building in the amount of $300,000. The North Conway Community Center will be celebrating its 65th anniversary next year and the Gibson/Woodbury Charitable Foundation team believes that the center has long been a unique and essential provider of recreational opportunities for our citizens and is vital to the overall development of our youth. We hope that this grant, along with contributions from other organizations, corporations and individuals, again illustrates the public/private partnership tradition within our community.

I would also like to announce that the Gibson/Woodbury Charitable Foundation has recently received approval from the board of directors of the North Conway Community Center to install public restrooms in the current North Conway Community Center Building during the spring of 2016. The Gibson/Woodbury Charitable Foundation made this specific request to the North Conway Community Center Board of Directors on behalf of our local business community.

On behalf of the Gibson/Woodbury Charitable Foundation team, I would like to thank all of the citizens of the Mount Washington Valley for their longtime public support of the North Conway Community Center.

Mark Butterfield 

Gibson/Woodbury Charitable Foundation

To the editor

This session, I have been thankful for Maine State Rep. Helen Rankin's calm and wise counsel on a variety of issues. She has often been the voice of reason during contentious debates, carefully reminding us of why we serve in Augusta.

From her consistent work to ensure that all Maine people have health care, to her passion for making public education the very best that it can be, Rep. Rankin advocates for those who need a voice.

She worked tirelessly in the Legislature's Education Committee to make sure that our children are learning the skills needed to compete in today's economy. Rep. Rankin fought hard to ensure that summer feeding programs were available for communities that want one, saying that no child should ever go hungry.

Rep. Rankin worked in a bipartisan manner to successfully pass a bill to ensure that more people will be tested for their suitability as bone marrow donors – even after a governor's veto looked to doom it.

She is one of the most respected lawmakers in the Maine House of Representatives, regardless of what side of the aisle you're on. When she stands to speak during a debate, she commands attention. The House becomes a bit quieter and all chairs turn in her direction. Rep. Rankin has the ability to bring the conversation back to the people she serves.

We are fortunate to have her in Augusta. Thank you for sharing her with us.

Jeff McCabe

Assistant House Majority Leader


To the editor:

On July 11 people around the world took part in World Population Day to raise awareness about population issues. But here in the United States, we don't talk enough about the specific effects our exploding numbers have on wildlife, the planet and our own future.

Erin Kennedy


To the editor:

After enjoying an early dinner with my wife in North Conway, I discovered an unsigned note on my windshield. It was I am sure in reference to several bumper stickers we have on the back of our car. At first I was annoyed at the tone. However after a brief moment I realized at least the person was not afflicted with the current disease so rampant in our society, i.e. apathy.

The comments read, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion." He or she conveniently or one could hope didn't realize the sentence continues (or prohibiting the free exercise thereof).

Obviously my pro-life bumper sticker triggered the final comment or if you prefer signature (I am pro-choice). Unfortunately being pro-choice does not include the choice of the most innocent and helpless member of the human race, "the unborn." We as a country have killed over 55 million of our citizens in the last 40-plus years. Is it really to much to ask that maybe, just maybe, we should revisit this human tragedy, as we finally did slavery. Their are many alternatives to abortion. Just Google "Crisis pregnancy centers," for help to those in need.

Charles C. Greene Jr.
West Ossipee


To the editor:

The State of New Hampshire requires political candidates to file two forms (RSA 655:17 and RSA 15-A) with the NH Secretary of State's office. The Declaration of Candidacy (RSA 655:17) contains this quoted statement: "I further declare that, if nominated as a candidate for said office, I will not withdraw; and that, if elected, I will be qualified for and will assume the duties of said office."

The word qualified is not underlined on the form. I inquired to the Secretary State's office as to the definition of qualified on their form and according to David Scalon of that office, it means that the candidate meets the Constitutional Requirements ie. age, residency etc. I think the majority of us would like to believe "qualified" means more than the basics...... it should mean they possess the level of experience necessary to perform the duties expected by the voters.

Would the voters of Carroll County vote for a county attorney candidate without a law degree or for a sheriff candidate without an extensive background in law enforcement? The register of deeds should be expected to have a strong background and understanding of all legal real estate documents. All candidates for these important county positions should be fully prepared to adhere to the N.H. statutory and constitutional responsibilities they must enforce on DAY ONE! These are not on-the-job training positions. The salaries are paid for by the taxpayers and are set to attract experienced professionals. These elected officials should be totally responsible for their respective departments and be able to provide guidance to their staff. Well run county offices should make their constituents proud.

I have been very fortunate to have been the Carroll County Register of Deeds since 2007. I am taking this opportunity to enlighten the voting public to the importance of this position which is found somewhere at the bottom of your ballot and generally gets very little attention. This office consists of five dedicated staff members and myself. Together we have made many efficient improvements in our department during my tenure. We work as a team to serve the public, record legal real estate documents and archivally preserve all the real estate property documents and plans from 1840 to the present date.

Carroll County encompasses 19 towns and locations which contain 56,684 parcels of property. The documentation and recordings for all of these parcels are in our care; to be retained and preserved to protect the integrity for each record title both on site and off site. The register of deeds should possess the working knowledge of how to protect the most important investment which people make.

My main purpose in writing this letter is to educate the voters to the importance of this and ALL elected positions. I hope they will attend speaking events and research available information about all candidates before making their choices at the polls.

There are three candidates who will be vying for register of deeds. One of these candidates, Asha Kenney, has stated to me that "you don't need experience for this job." I think the voting public deserves better representation for this important office.

Ann P. Aiton
Register of Deeds for Carroll County



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