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New Hampshire's four electoral votes are critical, says Strickland

By Lloyd Jones
CONWAY — How important is New Hampshire in this upcoming presidential election? Former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland believes that had the Granite State's four electoral votes gone to Democrat Al Gore in 2000, the world would be a different place today.

Strickland, who is a national co-chair of the Obama campaign, was in North Conway Thursday stumping for President Obama and touting the president's commitment to small business owners. He took an opportunity to talk briefly about the significance of New Hampshire in the election that's now less than five weeks away.
"I'm here urging people in this Granite State to be very serious about their vote," he said. "Ohio has more people than New Hampshire and consequently has more electoral votes, but let me tell you how important New Hampshire's electoral votes are. If Al Gore had won New Hampshire's electoral votes we never would have had a Bush presidency. We probably never would have had an Iraq War. We wouldn't have had those disastrous Bush tax cuts which has led to such deficits. And, I think the recession likely would not have happened.
"So New Hampshire's electoral votes are really important," Strickland continued, "and on November 6, I'm going to be paying attention to what happens up here. Let me guarantee you this: If you give President Obama New Hampshire's electoral votes, I promise you that we'll give Ohio's to the president as well."
Gore was the Democratic Party's nominee for president and lost the 2000 U.S. presidential election to George W. Bush despite winning the popular vote.
"I'm here because I believe in this president, as I know you do as well," Strickland said to a gathering of about 15 people at Soyfire Candle in North Conway Village. "He and the vice president came into office at the most difficult of times. And, although all of the problems haven't been solved, we are well on our way to recovery and we cannot turn back. The Romney/Ryan approach is basically just a step backwards to the policies that have been tried and failed in the past."
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