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'Serial defecator' on the loose?

By Daymond Steer

CONWAY — Police were called about a "serial defecator" who has been leaving a mess in a West Side Road resident's driveway.

According to police logs, a man called the police on Saturday to complain that someone had defecated in his driveway again.
"This may be a serial defecator as this is not the first time," according to the police logs.
Police Lt. Chris Perley said it remains to be seen what or who is doing it. If a person is doing it as a prank, it could still "run afoul" of criminal laws.
"They should stop doing it," said Perley.
Perley has not seen a rash of this activity anywhere else in town. However, it's possible that it's happening in other places and not being noticed or reported.
"In this particular case, the guy has noticed it on more than one occasion and he's not very happy," said Perley.

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