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'The bears are out'

By Daymond Steer
CONWAY — Every year, there's a week or two when the bear activity in town really picks up, and apparently that's happening now, said Conway police chief Ed Wagner on Monday.
Conway police logs for April 26-29 have several bear-related entries.
"It seems like the bears are out," said Wagner.
The logs say a big bear was reported to be in a tree on West Main Street extension, a bear and cubs were spotted in a tree on Blueberry Lane and a caller from Center Conway asked if he could shoot a bear that destroyed his trash container.
New Hampshire Fish and Game Sgt. Brian Abrams told the caller not to shoot the bear.
"That's not appropriate," said Abrams.
Instead, said Abrams, the man and other people in the same situation should "take away the food source" by doing something different with their garbage.
A couple of weeks ago, Abrams told The Conway Daily Sun that a recent warm spell would wake up the bears.
"They will return to those places where they have had success finding food in the past," said Abrams. "They'll be looking for an easy meal. They will be grazing on the green shoots once they come upm but in the meantime, if they can get an abundance of food at a bird feeder or dumpster, they'll go there so they can get a lot of calories for a small amount of effort."
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