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Michael Kline: Turning problems into opportunities, part two

By Michael Kline
In our last article, we discussed how attitude, responsibility and feedback relate to turning problems into opportunities. As promised, today we will discuss resources, collaboration and problem solving.
You don't have enough money, people or time — neither does anyone else. If you think about the great stories of accomplishment, most are about heroes who accomplished something in spite of their tangible resources; they overcame adversity using their resourcefulness. Stop complaining and blaming. Be resourceful.

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Basch wins ski-writing award

Conway Daily Sun ski columnist Marty Basch received a ski writing award for excellence in snowsports journalism from the North American Snowsports Journalists Association.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 15 April 2014 03:10

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QuickBooks: Spring-clean your QuickBooks company file

By Rhonda Rosand
There are a lot of clues that indicate trouble with your QuickBooks company file. Is it time for a check-up and tune-up?

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Wheels: Heed the warning

By Eric Meltzer
Warning! That's what your car is saying to you when brightly colored lights on your instrument cluster illuminate. Listen to your car, it knows what it's saying. I know that sounds a little futuristic, science fiction-like but the systems in your car were designed to prevent bad things from happening to it if you look and listen. It's actually pretty simple unless you ignore the signs. And like most things in life, a little effort now can often prevent major problems later.

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Perkins retiring as executive director of Jackson Ski Touring Foundation

JACKSON — After leading the Jackson Ski Touring Foundation For 38 years, Thom Perkins has announced his retirement from the organization.

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