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Beth Funicella: A reminder of Shakirs scathing unkindness to many

To the editor:

I agreed with most of what Jim Gallagher wrote in his letter titled “Rethink human values: Humanity and Dignity,” including the distasteful puns in the April Fools edition.

However, I was taken aback by his statement that the “N” word was used to attack Ray Shakir. The “N” word Mr. Gallagher was referring to is Nazis, members of a political party who committed the worst atrocities against mankind ever recorded. Mr. Gallagher has had personal contact with some victims of those horrors. I had a similar experience with a man who used to hide the number branded on his arm by the Nazis. It also left me with an indelible memory of such cruelties. Many of us know people who have even closer connections by relation to victims of the horrors of that regime. Invoking the term “Nazi” to describe anyone should never be done lightly, but it should be used as a reminder of the types of behavior that led to a whole country following such a dictate.

Getting back to the much-maligned Mr. Shakir, I’m sure that many readers are aware of statements he has made for several years about those with whom he disagrees. As an active, registered Democrat, I took particular offense to his oft-used phrase Democ-Rats. Consequently, I started to document Mr. Shakir’s letters until finally reaching the point that I couldn’t stomach anymore of his nastiness, and stopped saving them.

Perhaps Mr. Gallagher is unaware of Mr. Shakir’s letters published in this newspaper, and thus, has a different, more personal view. I think that now is the time to share some of Ray Shakir’s quotes as a reminder of his scathing unkindness to many.

Here are just a few other pejoratives he has used in letters printed on these very pages of the Conway Daily Sun:

He referred to Senator Jeanne Shaheen as “clownish.” He called President Obama “Borat Hussein O’Bummer  .... a radical, subversive, con-artist fraud” and as “that pumpkin head occupying the White House”.. Responding to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s criticism of General Patraeus’s testimony on Capitol Hill as requiring “the willing suspension of disbelief,” he called her a “court jester” who “provided no evidence in support of her slanderous remark.” He also referred to her as “Osama’s dream girl” and in another letter as a “communist buffoon.” Former Vice-President Al Gore was labeled “the Nobel Prize-blessed hypocrite.”

Mr. Shakir’s “generous” attacks on Democrats are frequent and reach the pinnacle of his unkindness. He has referred to us as “brain-dead followers”; as “union-kissing Democ-rats”; as “sick, misguided and pathetic souls” and as “pathetic individuals (who) are obviously deaf, dumb and blind (oops...audibly, mentally and visually challenged).” Doesn’t he just love to throw in little slurs to mock handicapped people, and all this in the controlled domain of the printed word!

Recently, the GOP House Majority Leader Bettencourt reacted to the support of workers and the poor by Bishop John McCormack in protests at the statehouse by calling the leader of over 290,000 Roman Catholics in New Hampshire, a “pedophile pimp.” He then characterized his written remarks as “a shoot from the hip, heat of the moment comment that should have been more thought out.” Perhaps that is how Mr. Shakir would defend his recent ill-tempered, verbal remarks made publicly such as “blood sucking blubbering leaches” to describe teachers.

Doesn’t sound to me like that “good person, kind and generous to all” that Mr. Gallagher described.

Beth Funicella


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