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Raymond Shakir [10/03/2007]

To the editor:By taking on MoveON.org, Rudy Giuliani shows he's the candidate who can take the fight to the Democrats next year. By now you're familiar with the ad they took out in The New York Times stating that our top commander in Iraq, General Petraeus, has become "General Betray Us." I would ask: Who are the real traitors here? Hillary Clinton followed, stating that Patraeus's testimony on Capitol Hill required "the willing suspension of disbelief." Yet this court jester provided no evidence in support of her slanderous remark.Rudy responded quickly and forcefully. He took out his own Times ad defending General Petraeus. He will follow up with a radio ad in New Hampshire, pointing out that his candidacy is the one liberals fear most.Despite relatively minor concerns regarding several of Rudy's positions, no candidate is better qualified; furthermore, the unacceptable opposition candidate is delusional and a global joke. Unlike that leading alternative, Rudy already commands the respect and loyalty of the military and intelligence agencies. This is vital in order to maintain pride, performance, honor and moraleand our safety!Can you imagine the consequences should this female segment of a previous administration regain power? They detested the military and disseminated our intelligence agency, the result of which fostered inaccurate information, a major factor in the current Iraq quagmire.Rudy Giuliani's leadership is indisputable. He does not "waffle." He offers proof of performance and promises kept. He is not intimidated by foreign or domestic leftists. Finally, President Giuliani would be any terrorist's nightmare. Conversely, Hillary would be Osama's dream girl.Think long and hard about what matters most. Long and hard, about the foolish and simplistic positions of the opposition socialist party.

Raymond Shakir
North Conway
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