Effingham Town Column: History preservation efforts continue

Can you say Street Fair? The Preservation Society will be holding its second annual street fair centered around its building at the Route 153 end of Town House Road on June 24 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Games, music, crafts, food, local honey, historical building and tours are just part of the fun. The end portion of the road will be closed to traffic, Huntress Bridge band will entertain, see the almost 125-year-old murals in the Masonic hall and watch as your reporter attempts to reclaim his croquet honor from one Ms. R. “the croquet hustler” Harrington. Best two out of three. It all happens.

Don’t forget Saturdays at the Grange. One word here: muffins. There’re home-baked and delicious. And on Sunday, you can stop by the historical society and for just $3 enjoy a nice continental breakfast and conversation.

Founding families need your help: As with all towns that go back to the 1700s, the foundations of our town rest under grave stones of those who cleared the land; and in some cases, the grave stones rest upon them as the years of frost have toppled them over.

The Effingham Falls Cemetery needs a little help from dependents and beneficiaries of those early settlers. Within the cemetery there are about 40 markers that have fallen, and cracked and tilted prior to falling over. The trustees of this non-municipal cemetery have contacted a reputable organization that specializes in the restoration of older portions of local burying grounds.

Here’s the shocking news: It is estimated to cost around $4,000 to restore the effected markers to their original stature. The association in charge of the site needs your help. Let’s see: At $10 each they will need 400 donations, at $20 it would be 200 at $50 just 80 donations would be needed.

It can be hard to decide to part with a little important money to restore a cemetery that may very well have nothing to do with you. An abiding interest in heritage might bring the check book out into daylight, community pride could work or just plain giving a hoot about the history forged by our predecessors, relatives or not.

The Effingham Falls Cemetery association currently manages to raise about $1,000 a year to accomplish basic maintenance, but the additional monies needed will have to come from those now living upon the work of previous generations. Please do what you can.

The good news is that you can double your money by being in the forefront of support as the Effingham Preservation Society is offering to match dollar for dollar the first $1,000 donated. Checks may be made payable to Effingham Falls Cemetery Association and mailed in care of Mr. Lyle Thurston at 59 Thurston Road, Effingham, NH 03882.

If you want a receipt, please include a self-addressed and stamped envelope in with your donation.

Speaking of donations and generosity: Our library is looking for used Legos. If you don’t know what those are, stop reading. If you do know and have some from the days when your young adults were younger, well, bring them to the library.

There is a lot of talk that all kids do these days is play with computers. There may be some truth in that ,but it is a sure bet that if you drop a bucket of Legos over a pile of children things will get built, imaginations will turn into manifested structures, and the computer will be wondering what it did wrong. So, help the library fill the bucket.

On Tuesday, June 20, at 6 p.m., our elementary school students will be receiving their certificates, their last act as students of the Effingham School. Family members and friends are invited to the ceremony. Years past have offered a short film, skits and a lot of thank yous and goodbyes. A sweet time to be young.