Fryeburg Airport popular pit stop for Sikorsky

By Daymond Steer

Blackhawk-1A Sikorsky Black Hawk lands at Eastern Slope Regional Airport. (COURTESY PHOTO)CONWAY — The Eastern Slope Regional Airport in Fryeburg, Maine, has apparently made a good impression on Sikorsky Aviation.

According to Conway Selectman Carl Thibodeau, the airport is becoming a favorite pit stop for pilots from Sikorsky Aircraft, which builds the Black Hawk helicopter.

Thibodeau, who is on the Fryeburg airport's board of directors, said at the Feb. 14 selectmen's meeting that Sikorsky, which is based in Stratford, Conn., is obligated to fly the Black Hawks they build for 14 hours before they can torque all the nuts and bolts before selling the aircraft.

Fryeburg is on their route because the airport sells Jet-A fuel. The helicopter captain and crew have been to Fryeburg twice in the past couple of months, said Thibodeau.

"They lunched at the 302 West Smokehouse and purchased 600 gallons of Jet A," said Thibodeau. "They have decided this is their favorite stop and they would be coming often. That's a big plus for the airport.

Wheels: Supercars

By Eric Meltzer

We deal with a lot of European cars and frequently hear how high the cost of service and repairs must be from those uninitiated consumers. We're only too pleased to share that the cost to maintain most cars is pretty equal in this world economy.

Revision Energy to give free solar presentation

By Miranda Piedra

Brooks-on-roofBrooks Wood installs solar panels on a Mount Washington Valley building late last year. (COURTESY PHOTO)CONWAY — A common misconception is that New England don't get enough sun to produce solar energy, but Jen Hatch, office administrator ReVision Energy, says that simply isn't the case.

"We get about 30 percent more sunlight in New England than all of Germany, and Germany is the world leader in solar production," she said.

This exposure has shone light on ReVision Energy, which has expanded its reach throughout Maine and New Hampshire with multiple offices since 2003. According to Hatch, ReVision started in Liberty, Maine, out of a garage.

Bill Behrens, an electrical engineer who had installed solar for over ten years, was working out of the garage when he decided it was time to build a company offering solar technology to residential and commercial clients.

Back in 2003, a mainstream contracting company offering solar installation was unheard of in Maine, but today the company has "over 150 employees," according to Hatch. ReVision is still expanding and plans to open an office in Massachusetts this year.