White Mountain Board of Realtors welcomes nine new members

wmbr-inducteesFront row, from left: Tammy Butler, Cindy McGrath and Tammy Bronejko. Back, from left: Ben Jones, Jim Tremblay, Shannon Jones, Deirdre Lorway, Erika Sakin and Theresa Bernhardt. (COURTESY PHOTO)CONWAY — On Tuesday, April 11, nearly 80 White Mountain Board of Realtor members and affiliates packed the ballroom of the North Conway Grand Hotel for breakfast, business, networking and the welcoming of nine new members to the board.

Once a month, WMBR meets at the hotel to review business matters pertaining to the local chapter as well as topics that could change the shape of the real estate industry across the state and country.

Members of local chapters must also belong to New Hampshire Association of Realtors as well as National Association of Realtors, thus carrying three levels of commitment to their membership.

New members must stand before the general membership and pledge an oath that includes protecting the individual rights of homeownership, conducting oneself honorably and honestly, bettering clients' representation through resources and education, observing the Code of Ethics, acting fairly towards all in the spirit of the Golden Rule, and serving one's community and through it the country. The new members then receives their pin.

Welcomed as new members on Tuesday were Tammy Bronejko, Tammy Butler, Ben Jones, Shannon Jones, Deirdre Lorway, Gregory McCarthy, Cindy McGrath, Erika Sakin and Jim Tremblay, each associated with real estate firms conducting business in the valley.

Ken Schiller, president of WMBR, "We are confident that these fine professionals will provide outstanding service to our community as they conduct business within the Realtor Code of Ethics."

Bronejko shared that upon being inducted, "I felt part of the team instantly, and I'm proud to be a member.

“I look forward to working with the Board to create an energetic, positive, and economic growth in our neighborhoods.”

WMBR consists of 141 N.H. licensed agents and brokers, up from 2016's 135-member enrollment.

Thirty-four local business members are affiliates of the organization. Affiliates specialize in specific services and include photographers, surveyors, home inspectors, closing companies, attorneys and lenders.

The affiliates also annually host the New Realtor Orientation Course and help provide support to the members of the organization.

"Affiliate members are dedicated to building positive business relationships and to providing numerous networking events and education opportunities throughout each year," said Liz Johnson, chair of the Affiliate Committee. "It's exciting to see the WMBR continue to grow — I was pleased to see the addition of so many new Realtors.

Johnson noted that several members and affiliates also have extended their service levels to include real estate in Maine.

"This increase in new membership also may be indicative of a demand in the industry, as national trends show improvement in both consumer's economic confidence as well as property values on a slow but steady rise over years prior."

WMBR's local professionals pride themselves on being able to best understand the local real estate market. To learn more, go to www.whitemountainboard.com.

Those seeking information on becoming a member or an affiliate should call Janine McLauchlan, executive officer of the White Mountain Board of Realtors, at (603) 733-4748.